Face Care

Face Care

Glow Serum

What You Need (all essential oils found in your starter kit!!):

• Lavender – jack of all trades, it’s soothing & healing and makes my skin so soft.

• Frankincense – for fine lines and blemishes

• Copaiba – driver oil enhances the properties of other oils, anti-inflammatory

• Purification – cleansing oil

• Lemon oil – optional. Citrus oils help lighten dark spots but also cause photosensitivity to sunlight. If you plan on using your serum for day time, maybe leave this one out. I use my serum at bedtime.

• Jojoba, Rosehip, or Grapeseed carrier oil – acne-prone skin safe options.

• Glass dropper bottle, or roller

How To: drop 10-15 drops of each oil into the bottle, top with your carrier oil of choice, and cap off. Use after washing & toning your face (a little goes a long way) daily as a clean, moisturizing replacement for heavy creams.

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